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Deep Thought: 42 Fantastic Quotes That Define Philosophy, 1st edition

  • Gary Cox

Published by Bloomsbury Academic (October 22nd 2015) - Copyright © 2015

1st edition

Deep Thought: 42 Fantastic Quotes That Define Philosophy

ISBN-13: 9781472567260

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Gary Cox guides us through 42 of the most misunderstood, misquoted, provocative and significant quotes in the history of philosophy providing a witty and compelling commentary along the way. This entertaining and illuminating collection of quotes doesn't merely list who said what and when, it explores who each philosopher is and what he or she really meant when they said what they said. Viewing each quote as a philosophical thesis in itself, Cox probes the writings of everyone from Douglas Adams to A.J. Ayer and Thomas Aquinas to Karl Marx. This is a philosophical journey through history, culture and writing to bring us to a deeper understanding of why we think the way we do. As Douglas Adams points out, if there is no final answer to the question, 'What is the meaning of life?', '42' is as good or bad an answer as any other. Here Cox shows that 42 quotes might be even better!

Table of contents

Preface Acknowledgements Introduction Philosophers Quoted (A-Z) 1 Douglas Adams 2 Anselm 3 Thomas Aquinas 4 Aristotle 5 A. J. Ayer 6 George Berkeley 7 Albert Camus 8 Simone de Beauvoir 9 Ren¿ Descartes 10 George Hegel 11 Martin Heidegger 12 Heraclitus 13 Thomas Hobbes 14 David Hume 15 David Hume 16 Immanuel Kant 17 Immanuel Kant 18 John Keats 19 S¿ren Kierkegaard 20 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz 21 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz 22 John Locke 23 Karl Marx 24 John Stuart Mill 25 Friedrich Nietzsche 26 Friedrich Nietzsche 27 William of Ockham 28 William Paley 29 Parmenides 30 Blaise Pascal 31 Plato 32 Plato 33 Protagoras 34 Bertrand Russell 35 Gilbert Ryle 36 Jean-Paul Sartre 37 Jean-Paul Sartre 38 Fran¿ois Marie Arouet de Voltaire 39 Mary Warnock 40 Alfred North Whitehead 41 Ludwig Wittgenstein 42 Ludwig Wittgenstein 42 Fantastic Philosophy Quotes Explained Bibliography Index

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