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  5. Developing a Teaching Portfolio: A Guide for Preservice and Practicing Teachers

Developing a Teaching Portfolio: A Guide for Preservice and Practicing Teachers, 3rd edition

  • Ann Adams Bullock
  • Parmalee P. Hawk

Published by Pearson (June 8th 2009) - Copyright © 2010

3rd edition

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Developing a Teaching Portfolio: A Guide for Preservice and Practicing Teachers

ISBN-13: 9780135135419

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This must-have guide to developing a teaching portfolio walks preservice and practicing teachers alike through different types of portfolios, clearly explaining their uses and purposes, and how each of these portfolio types is developed. Both novice and masters teachers will benefit from the practical, hands-on, and straightforward nature of this guide at each new step of their teaching career.


With a focus on using portfolios to show one’s work throughout a professional teaching career, this compact, easy-to-read volume provides both prospective and current teachers the foundation as well as the specifics to be successful in their portfolio building endeavors. A two-part organization explores portfolio building for students and novice teachers who have yet to engage in this activity and then offers a menu of topics from which more experienced educators can choose to inform their creation of targeted, results-oriented portfolios for a variety of situations.


The newly revised third edition of this text includes case studies that follow real teachers through their careers as well as a wealth of new digital and hardcopy portfolio examples.

Table of contents



Part I Foundations for Portfolio Development


Chapter 1         The Teacher Assessment Movement


The Teacher Assessment Movement


Evolution of Teacher Assessment

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

INTASC Standards

Closing Thoughts

Web Sites



Chapter 2         Portfolio Development


What Is a Portfolio?

What Is a Process Portfolio?

What Is a Product Portfolio?

What Is a Showcase Portfolio?

What Are the Differences in the Three Portfolios?

Different Types of Portfolios for Elementary Teachers

What Is a Teaching Portfolio?

Legal Issues in Portfolio Development

General Considerations for Developing a Portfolio

Closing Thoughts

Web Sites



Chapter 3         Reflection


What Is Reflection?

Why Should Teachers Reflect?

What Things Should Be Considered?

How Do You Get Started? Do These Reflection Activities!

What Are Some Things to Do to Get Started?

What If This Seems Difficult?

Where and When Can You Reflect?

Closing Thoughts

Web Sites



Part II Applications of Portfolio Development


Chapter 4         The Preservice Teacher’s Portfolio


What Do These Goals and Standards Portfolios Look Like?

Type 1: The Goal-Driven Product Portfolio

Type 2: The Standards Portfolio


Closing Thoughts

Web Sites



Chapter 5         Getting a Job


The Options

Things to Include

The Job Interview

Closing Thoughts



Chapter 6         Portfolios for Continuing Licensure


Portfolios for Novice Teachers


Coordinated Sets of Evidence

Organization of Evidence



State Performance-Based Assessment Systems

Introductory Information to the Performance Product

Portfolios for Alternative Forms of Evaluation or Licensure Renewal

Options for Organization

Professional Goals: Another Option for Orgnization

Assessment of These Portfolios


Process for Using Scoring Evaluation Criteria

Samples of Alternative Evaluation Portfolios

Closing Thoughts

Web Sites



Chapter 7         Portfolios for Master Teachers


The Foundation Beliefs of the NBPTS

The Standards

Who Can Apply?

Time Line

National Board Assessment Center Exercises

Assessment and Evaluation

Getting Started: The Take One! Experience

Other Relevant Information

Tips and Good Information from Nationally Certified Teachers


Closing Thoughts

Web Site



Appendix A     Reflection Analyses for  Chapter 3


Appendix B      Sample Portfolio Guides for Beginning Teachers to Obtain Licensure: North Carolina and Connecticut


Appendix C     Analysis of Student Work: Assessment


Appendix D     Council for Exceptional Children Standards


Appendix E      Canadian Curriculum Standards: Foundation Statements for Science Literacy


Appendix F      National Council for Teachers of Mathematics K—12 Standards


Appendix G     ISTE Standards



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