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  4. Developing Academic Language with the SIOP Model (2-downloads)

Developing Academic Language with the SIOP Model, 1st edition

  • Deborah J. Short
  • Jana Echevarria

Published by Pearson (April 1st 2015) - Copyright © 2016

1st edition

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Developing Academic Language with the SIOP Model (2-downloads)

ISBN-13: 9780132906401

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Table of contents

Chapter 1       Understanding Academic Language: A Second Language for All

Defining Academic Language
Social and Academic Language
Characteristics of Academic Language

Academic Language in the Common Core and Next Generation Standards
Using Academic Language to Meet Standards

What Teachers Need to Know About Teaching Academic Language to English Learners

Addressing Academic Language With the SIOP Model


        Questions for Reflection

Chapter 2       Maximizing Language Development in Lessons

Lesson Preparation
Language objectives defined
Meaningful activities

Building Background
Vocabulary emphasized

Comprehensible Input
Appropriate teacher speech

Explicit teaching of learning strategies
Scaffolding techniques
Variety of questions for higher-order thinking

Frequent opportunities for interaction and elaboration
Grouping configurations that support the language objective
Native language use for clarification

Practice & Application
Activities to apply content and language knowledge
Activities that integrate all language skills

Lesson Delivery
Language objectives supported

Review & Assessment
Review of key vocabulary
Regular feedback on student output
Assessment of student comprehension


Questions for Reflection

Chapter 3       Strengthening Language Objectives

Basic Guidelines for Identifying and Incorporating Objectives in SIOP Lessons

Recognizing Language Objectives

Categories of Language Objectives

Language Targets

Identifying Language Objectives from Text, Talk, Tasks, and Tests
Language Targets in Text
Language Targets in Talk
Language Targets in Tasks
Language Targets in Tests

Writing Language Objectives

Meeting Language Objectives
Differentiate Instruction Not Language Objectives


Questions for Reflection

Chapter 4       Building Academic Vocabulary

Academic Vocabulary Development
Word Selection
Word Instruction
Extensive Word Practice
Word Learning Strategies
Word Consciousness

Application to Common Core Standards


Questions for Reflection

Chapter 5       Enhancing Academic Oral Language

Academic Oral Language Development
A Positive, Respectful, and Communal Classroom Environment
Interesting Topics for Discussion
Active Listening
Scaffolds for Expressing Ideas
Authentic Academic Language Models
Multiple Opportunities for Practice
Less Teacher Talk

Application to Common Core Standards


Chapter 6       Promoting Collaborative Academic Discussions


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