Developing Multicultural Counseling Competence: A Systems Approach, 3rd edition

  • Danica G. Hays
  • Bradley T. Erford

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Designed to help students and new counselors acquire multicultural counseling competence, this book includes self-development opportunities for fostering awareness, knowledge, and the skills necessary for understanding cultural makeup, understanding others of diverse identities and experiences, and engaging in facilitative counseling relationships. Expanding on the features that made the first two editions widely popular, this revision provides a closer look at how to apply the information in practice through an expanded number of case studies and “Voices from the Field” features. The new edition includes additional information on ethics in multicultural counseling and operationalization of the 2015 multicultural and social justice counseling competencies; increases the focus on international and refugee populations and immigration issues; and provides additional coverage on alternative counseling approaches with multicultural competencies.


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  • 0134523806 / 9780134523804 Developing Multicultural Counseling Competence: A Systems Approach, Bound Book, Third Edition

Table of contents

SECTION ONE: The Foundations of Multicultural Counseling

Chapter 1: The Culturally Competent Counselor - Danica G. Hays and Amy L. McLeod

Chapter 2: Cultural Identity Development - Cheryl Moore-Thomas

SECTION TWO: Social Advocacy 

Chapter 3: Social Justice Counseling - Philip B. Gnilka, Caroline O’Hara, and Catherine Y. Chang  

Chapter 4: Racism and White Privilege - Danica G. Hays and Ann Shillingford

Chapter 5: Gender and Sexism - Anneliese A. Singh and Taryne M. Mingo 

Chapter 6: Sexual Orientation and Heterosexism - Michael P. Chaney and Michael Brubaker 

Chapter 7: Social Class and Classism - Kathryn S. Newton and Bradley T. Erford 

Chapter 8: Disability, Ableism, and Ageism - Debra E. Berens and Bradley T. Erford

SECTION THREE: Counseling Multicultural Populations

Chapter 9: Individuals and Families of African Descent - Patrice S. Bounds, Ahmad R. Washington, and Malik S. Henfield 

Chapter 10: Individuals and Families of Arab Descent - Sylvia C. Nassar-McMillan, Aisha Al-Qimlass, and Laura McLaughlin Gonzalez  

Chapter 11: Individuals and Families of Asian Descent - Linh Luu, Arpana G. Inman, and Alvin N. Alvarez 

Chapter 12: Individuals and Families of Latin Descent - José A. Villalba 

Chapter 13: Counseling Native Americans - Michael Tlanusta Garrett, J. T. Garrett, Tarrell Awe Agahe Portman, Lisa Grayshield, Edil Torres Rivera, Cyrus Williams, and Mark Parrish 

Chapter 14: Individuals and Families of European Descent - H. George McMahon, Pamela O. Paisley, and Bogusia Skudrzyk 

Chapter 15: Individuals and Families of Multiracial Descent - Kelley R. Kenney and Mark E. Kenney 

Chapter 16: Spiritual Diversity - Craig S. Cashwell and Amanda L. Giordano

SECTION FOUR: Multicultural Conceptualization 

Chapter 17: Alternative Approaches to Counseling Theories - Jonathan J. Orr 

Chapter 18: Multicultural Diagnosis and Conceptualization - Victoria E. Kress, Andrea Dixon, and Laura Shannonhouse



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