Deviance, Conformity, and Social Control in Canada, 5th edition

  • Tami M. Bereska

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Deviance, Conformity, and Social Control in Canada provides a broad, accessible, and critical introduction to the study of deviance. Unlike other texts on the market, it introduces both objective and subjective theoretical approaches in two early chapters and devotes the remainder of the text to substantive issues of particular interest to students. Each of these issues is then critically assessed and cohesively presented within a broader sociocultural context.

Table of contents

1 Determining Deviance 
Who Is Deviant?
Studying Deviance
Our Journey through This Book

2 Explaining Deviance: The Act 
Theorizing Deviance
Why Do People Become Deviant

3 Explaining Deviance: The Perception, Reaction, and Power 
Nonpositivist Theorizing
Interpretive Theories: Understandings of “Deviance” and “Normality”
Critical Theories: Power Relations and Social Justice

4 Deviance 2.0: The Role of the Media 
Why Media Matters
Studying the Media
The Media—Deviance Nexus

5 “Deviant” and “Normal” Sexuality 
What Is Deviant Sexuality?
The Cultural and Historical Construction of Sexuality
Sexual Culture Today
Sexuality and the “Deviance Dance”

6 The Troubling and Troubled World of Youth 
Deviant Youth: “Troubling” Youth
Deviant Youth: “Troubled” Youth
Youth “At Risk”
Aren’t All Youth Deviant?

7 Looking Deviant: Physical Appearance 
Voluntary and Involuntary Physical Appearance
Body Modification
 “Too Fat,” “Too Thin,” and “Ideal”

8 Mental Disorders 
Who Has Mental Disorders?
The Costs of Mental Illness
Controlling Mental Disorder: Stigmatization and 
The Deviance Dance: Resisting Stigmatization, Inadequate Care, and Psychiatry Itself

9 What Do You Believe? Religion, Science, and Deviance
10 The “Deviance Dance” Continues 
The Objective—Subjective Continuum
Social Typing, Social Control, and Powerful Groups
The “Deviance Dance” 

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