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Digital Media Primer, 3rd edition

  • YueLing Wong

Published by Pearson (March 3rd 2015) - Copyright © 2016

3rd edition

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For introductory digital media courses in computer science, art, communication, or digital media departments


Tools and Techniques for Understanding and Producing Digital Media

Digital Media encompasses a wide variety of topics, including the study of image, sound, and video processing, compression, interactive multimedia development, and advanced web programming. Digital Media Primer is designed for students from all disciplines, and teaches the foundational concepts and basic techniques of digital media production. The text is not tied to a specific application program like Flash or Photoshop; instead, the author introduces tools and techniques using a task-based approach and gives the rationale for using those techniques. This way, students learn skills they can transfer to different platforms and tools. For students that do not know how to navigate certain tools, Wong provides brief Application tutorials as supplemental material. The Third Edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to include current mobile device technology, ultra high-definition video, and multimedia authoring from Flash ActionScript programming to JavaScript programming with HTML5 Canvas.

Table of contents


1. Background

2. Fundamentals of Digital Imaging

3. Capturing and Editing Digital Audio

4. Fundamentals of Digital Audio

5. Capturing and Editing Digital Audio

6. Fundamentals of Digital Video

7. Digital Video: Post-Production

8. Introduction to HTML

9. HTML5 Video and Audio

10. Programming Fundamentals with JavaScript

11. HTML5 Canvas: Images and Drawings

12. HTML5 Canvas: Animation

13. HTML5 Canvas: Interactivity

14. Introduction to Object-Oriented JavaScript

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