Discover Delphi: Programming Principles Explained, 1st edition

  • Shirley Williams
  • Sue Walmsley

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This book is aimed at people with limited or no programming experience and equips them with the skills required by a professional programmer. These skills are taught within the Delphi environment allowing the user the 'fun' of producing attractive Graphical User Interfaces, whilst learning the fundamentals of programming, which are transferable to other imperative and object based languages.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Delphi
2. Compiling and Running
3. First Forms and Buttons
4. Menus. Arithmetic and Strings
5. Handling Numbers and Characters
6. Edit Boxes and Labels. Conditionals
7. The IF and CASE statements
8. Message boxes
9. Input Boxes. Counted Loops
10. FOR statements
11. Using the canvas
12. Elementary graphics. More Loops
13. While and repeat
14. WinCrt - Files and Memo boxes. Arrays
15. 1D and multidimensional arrays
16. StringGrid and Drawgrid. Scope
17. Width and visibility
18. Multiple forms including About boxes. Procedures and Functions
19. User defined procedures and functions
20. List boxes - Recursion. Objects
21. Classes, sections including: private and public
22. Creators and Destructors, stopping memory leakage
23. Components. Error and exception handling
24. Essential handling
25. Drag and drop. Set types
26. User defined Enumerated types and sets
27. radio buttons, check boxes. Units
28. Building libraries - Interface, initialisation. Pointers 
29. Dereferencing and pointers
30. Linked lists and other structures
31.  Moving on
32. Interacting with other Windows applications, other programming languages
33. OLE, Visual and non-visual programming

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Published by Pearson (September 23rd 1998) - Copyright © 1999