Discrete Mathematical Structures (Classic Version), 6th edition

  • Bernard Kolman
  • Robert Busby
  • Sharon C. Ross

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Discrete Mathematical Structures, 6th Edition, offers a clear and concise presentation of the fundamental concepts of discrete mathematics. Ideal for a one-semester introductory course, this text contains more genuine computer science applications than any other text in the field. 


This book is written at an appropriate level for a wide variety of majors and non-majors, and assumes a college algebra course as a prerequisite.

Table of contents

1. Fundamentals

1.1 Sets and Subsets

1.2 Operations on Sets

1.3 Sequences

1.4 Properties of Integers

1.5 Matrices

1.6 Mathematical Structures


2. Logic

2.1 Propositions and Logical Operations

2.2 Conditional Statements

2.3 Methods of Proof

2.4 Mathematical Induction

2.5 Mathematical Statements

2.6 Logic and Problem Solving


3. Counting

3.1 Permutations

3.2 Combinations

3.3 Pigeonhole Principle

3.4 Elements of Probability

3.5 Recurrence Relations 112


4. Relations and Digraphs

4.1 Product Sets and Partitions

4.2 Relations and Digraphs

4.3 Paths in Relations and Digraphs

4.4 Properties of Relations

4.5 Equivalence Relations

4.6 Data Structures for Relations and Digraphs

4.7 Operations on Relations

4.8 Transitive Closure and Warshall's Algorithm


5. Functions

5.1 Functions

5.2 Functions for Computer Science

5.3 Growth of Functions

5.4 Permutation Functions


6. Order Relations and Structures

6.1 Partially Ordered Sets

6.2 Extremal Elements of Partially Ordered Sets

6.3 Lattices

6.4 Finite Boolean Algebras

6.5 Functions on Boolean Algebras

6.6 Circuit Design


7. Trees

7.1 Trees

7.2 Labeled Trees

7.3 Tree Searching

7.4 Undirected Trees

7.5 Minimal Spanning Trees


8. Topics in Graph Theory

8.1 Graphs

8.2 Euler Paths and Circuits

8.3 Hamiltonian Paths and Circuits

8.4 Transport Networks

8.5 Matching Problems

8.6 Coloring Graphs


9. Semigroups and Groups

9.1 Binary Operations Revisited

9.2 Semigroups

9.3 Products and Quotients of Semigroups

9.4 Groups

9.5 Products and Quotients of Groups

9.6 Other Mathematical Structures


10. Languages and Finite-State Machines

10.1 Languages

10.2 Representations of Special Grammars and Languages

10.3 Finite-State Machines

10.4 Monoids, Machines, and Languages

10.5 Machines and Regular Languages

10.6 Simplification of Machines


11. Groups and Coding

11.1 Coding of Binary Information and Error Detection

11.2 Decoding and Error Correction

11.3 Public Key Cryptology


Appendix A: Algorithms and Pseudocode

Appendix B: Additional Experiments in Discrete Mathematics

Appendix C: Coding Exercises

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