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Discrete-Time Control Systems, 2nd edition

  • Katsuhiko Ogata
Discrete-Time Control Systems

ISBN-13: 9780130342812

Includes: Paperback

2nd edition

Published byPearson (December 7th 1994) - Copyright © 1995

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  • Paperback

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A comprehensive treatment of the analysis and design of discrete-time control systems which provides a gradual development of the theory by emphasizing basic concepts and avoiding highly mathematical arguments. The book features comprehensive treatment of pole placement, state observer design, and quadratic optimal control.


  • In-depth discussions of selected topics (such as Z transform, and pole placement when the control signal was a vector quantity) have been moved to optional Appendices.
  • discusses in detail the theoretical background for designing control systems.
  • offers a greatly expanded treatment of the pole placement design with minimum-order observer by means of state space approach (Ch. 6) and polynomial equations approach (Ch. 7).
  • features a new chapter on the polynomial equations approach to the control systems design — as an alternative to the design of control systems via pole placement with minimum-order observers. Includes the design of model matching control systems.
  • emphasizes the usefulness of MATLAB for studying discrete-time control systems — showing how to use MATLAB optimally to obtain numerical solutions that involve various types of vector-matrix operations, plotting response curves, and system design based on quadratic optimal control.
  • presents many instructive examples and worked-out problems throughout the entire book.

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