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Diversity Pedagogy: Examining the Role of Culture in the Teaching-Learning Process, 1st edition

  • Rosa Hernandez Sheets

Published by Pearson (September 28th 2004) - Copyright © 2005

1st edition

Diversity Pedagogy: Examining the Role of Culture in the Teaching-Learning Process

ISBN-13: 9780205405558

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“A monumental piece of work! Exciting, insightful, authentic, and comprehensive. Rosa Hernández Sheets has written a ground-breaking, thought-provoking text unmatched by others in the area of multicultural education, educational psychology, and child development. This text should be required reading in every institution of higher education that prepares teachers to teach in multicultural, multilingual, socially diverse settings. Hernández Sheets has successfully intersected and integrated issues of diversity with pedagogy, culture, and human development. This teacher-friendly, straightforward, highly readable, and brilliant work is a must for those of us involved in teacher preparation”
—Laureen Chew, Professor and Department Chair, College of Education, San Francisco State University

“In this book teachers have many opportunities to “see” theory personified as practice, and to witness how ideas move from conceptual abstraction to instructional action. This is a compelling accomplishment that should be empowering to multicultural education novices, as well as affirming to the more experienced advocates.”
—Geneva Gay, Professor, University of Washington

“This is a marvelous book! Very soundly conceptualized and clearly written, this lively and engaging text is peopled with a wide variety of students and classrooms. Rosa Hernández Sheets skillfully helps teachers see their power to facilitate healthy development, sense of self, and academic achievement of the culturally and linguistically diverse students in today's schools. Readers will find this book well-grounded in research, and at the same time delightfully readable and engaging.”
—Christine Sleeter, California State University, Monterey Bay

“Rosa Hernández Sheets has provided in Diversity Pedagogy not only the first but also the best currently existing textbook that defines “diversity pedagogy” and clarifies the relationships among culture, cognition, teaching, and learning. Within these relationships that form a complex classroom ecology, significant variables of diversity—ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, ability differences, and family structures—are addressed.”
—G. Pritchy Smith, University of North Florida

“Sheets' view of culture is expressed less in terms of traits (customs, habits, tradition) and more in terms of sets of control mechanisms that help to explain why children behave as they do in a school or classroom-based context. In a word, her approach is additive, honoring the norms, morals, and cultural values that children bring with them to school. . . . Indeed, she suggests that without such attention to student differences, the very achievement that all teachers of culturally diverse classrooms seek is not possible.”
—Angela Valenzuela, University of Texas, Austin

Table of contents

Each chapter begins with an “Introduction” and concludes with a “Conclusion” and “Recommended Readings.”


Foreword by Geneva Gay.




1. Student Learning and Culture.

Student Learning and Culture.

Culture as a Socialization Process.

The Power of Culture.

The Maintenance of Culture.

Classroom Applications.

Examining Personal Thinking Habits.

Observing Student Responses to Learning.

Assuming Responsibility for Pedagogical Knowledge.

2. Diversity Pedagogy.

Diversity Pedagogy.

Eight Dimensions.

Teacher Pedagogical Behaviors.

Students' Cultural Displays.

Conceptualization of Diversity Pedagogy.

Relationship Among Culture, Cognition, Teaching, and Learning.

Classroom Application.

Selecting a Diversity Ideology.

Centering Students in the Teaching-Learning Process.


3. Diversity: Developing Consciousness of Differences.

Diversity Pedagogy Dimension #1: Diversity/Consciousness of Differences.

Teacher Pedagogical Behaviors.

Family Diversity.

Socio-Economic Status.

Sexual Orientation.


Ability Differences.

Student Cultural Displays.

Development of Prejudicial Thinking.

Gender Development and Cultural Gender Information.

Classroom Applications.

Examining Student Responses to Differences.

Respecting Diversity in Self and Others.

Providing Experiences Valuing Diversity.

4. Identity: Understanding Ethnic Identity Development.

Diversity Pedagogy Dimension #2: Identity/Ethnic Identity Development.

Teacher Pedagogical Behaviors.


Human Development.

Race, Racial Groups, and Racial Identity.

Student Cultural Displays.

Ethnic Identity.<

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