Doing Business in Asia, 1st edition

  • Ann L. Weber
  • Robert Burns

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  • The text explores the cultural mores of various Asian countries including: China; Taiwan; Malaysia; Brunei; Indonesia; Singapore; Philippines; Japan; Korea; Thailand; and Vietnam.
  • It is jam-packed with vital information and background knowledge for the busy business executive or student, looking to do business in Asia.
  • The book is social and cultural in orientation. It is not a management methods text or an in-depth book on legal issues. Rather it seeks to inform the reader what he or she will need to know about a particular culture to complete successful trans-national deals and partner-ships.
  • The book stresses that Western values and management techniques are not necessarily compatible within Asia. It points out that Asian culture tends to be more collectivist and hierarchical and that western business-people need to adjust their own behaviour appropriately if they are to be successful.
  • The text includes political, historical, religious and social background briefings on all of the countries covered. It then covers in greater detail doing business in that country, looking at areas like negotiating, networking, contracts, relationships and so forth. The chapter then concludes with summarising points and activities.
  • This text will prove invaluable to those wanting to compete and succeed in Asia, particularly Australians, as 61% of their exports now go to the Asian region
  • General background briefings on major Asian countries followed by specific information on business processes in those countries.
  • Jam-packed with pertinent information one could only learn otherwise through trial and error.
  • An essential guide for those wishing to do business successfully in Asia.

Table of contents

1.   Cultural Understanding and International Business
2.   China
3.   Taiwan
4.   Malaysia and Brunei
5.   Indonesia
6.   Singapore
7.   Philippines
8.   Japan
9.   Korea
10.  Thailand
11.  Vietnam
12.  Overseas Assignments; Expatriate Selection, Problems and Training
Appendix A
Guidelines in the Use of English Interpreters
Appendix B
Sample Answers to Activities

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