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For courses in Drugs and Crime, Drugs and Criminal Justice, Drugs and Society, and The Sociology of Substance Abuse

Drugs, Society, and Criminal Justice is a highly readable introduction to the major facts and issues concerning criminal justice and drug-taking behavior in America today. Building on sociological theory, it explores the social problems associated with drug use and the theoretical reasons for drug use and abuse. It then delves into the complex relationship between drug-taking behavior and crime. Distinctive chapters include: Understanding the Drug Problem in America (Chapter 1), Understanding the Drug Problem in Global Perspective (Chapter 2), The History of Drug Use and Drug-Control Policy (Chapter 3), Drugs and Crime (Chapter 6), Drugs and Law Enforcement (Chapter 7), and Drugs, Courts, and Correctional Systems (Chapter 8). Discussion-starting features spotlight prominent figures, drug trafficking realities, and life-saving information as the book explores how drug use and abuse impact the criminal justice system.

Table of contents

PART ONE: The Challenges of Drugs in our Society  

  1. Understanding the Drug Problem in America  
  2. Understanding the Drug Problem in Global Perspective
  3. The History of Drug Use and Drug-control Policy
  4. Fundamentals of Drug-taking Behavior

PART TWO: Drugs, Crime, and Criminal Justice

  1. Theoretical Perspectives on Drug Use and Abuse
  2. Drugs and Crime
  3. Drugs and Law Enforcement

PART THREE: Legally Restricted Drugs and Criminal Justice

  1. Drugs, Courts, and Correctional Systems
  2. Opioids: Opium, Heroin, and Prescription Pain Medications
  3. Cocaine and Methamphetamine
  4. LSD and Other Hallucinogens  
  5. Marijuana  
  6. Performance-Enhancing Drugs and Drug-screening Tests
  7. Depressants and Inhalants  

PART THREE: On the Margins of Criminal Justice: Regulating Legal Drugs  

  1. Alcohol Use and Chronic Alcohol Abuse   
  2. Nicotine and Tobacco Use  

PART FOUR: Drug-Control Policy and Intervention Strategies

  1. Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

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