East Asia: A New History, 5th edition

East Asia: A New History

ISBN-13:  9780205695225

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This accessible text offers a comprehensive history of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, including coverage of everyday life, women and gender-related issues, and the environment–topics often neglected in other texts.


Throughout his distinguished career, author Rhoads Murphey has inspired within students an appreciation for the rich and unique history of Asia. The Fifth Edition of this text on East Asia is certain to bring this fascinating region to life for many of today’s students.

Table of contents



Note on the Spelling of Asian Names and Words

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1. East Asia: Common Ground and Regional Differences  
2. Prehistory, Beginnings in China, and the Shang Dynasty  
3. The Zhou: Its Decline and the Age of the Philosophers  
4. Qin and Han: The Making of Empire  
5. Buddhism and the Cosmopolitan Tang Dynasty  
6. Achievement and Disaster: The Song and Yuan Dynasties, 960—1368  
7. New Imperial Splendor in China: The Ming Dynasty  
8. The Qing in Prosperity and Decline  
9. Early Korea  
10. Premodern Vietnam  
11. Beginnings in Japan: Patterns and Origins  
12. Warriors, Monks, and Conflict: Medieval Japan  
13. The West Arrives in Asia  
14. Tokugawa Japan  
15. China’s Nineteenth-Century Crises 
16. Japan Remakes Itself  
17. Imperialism in Korea and Vietnam  
18. China, 1901—1925: End of Empire and Search for a New Order  
19. China and Japan: The Road to War  
20. The Second World War in Asia  
21. China since 1945  
22. Japan since 1945  
23. Korea and Vietnam since 1945  



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