Economics and Consumer Decisions, 1st edition

  • Michael L. Walden

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  • presents financial issues in the form of questions.
  • develops concepts from an intuitive basis rather than simply stating them.
  • exposes mistakes of “pop personal finance” books by correcting and clarifying popular implications/assertations for dealing with finances (e.g. everyone should own a house), and shows that decisions are developed in a logical straightforward manner.
  • introduces future value, discounting, and annuities early — in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • analyzes national (macro) economic concepts and issues most important to consumers, and studies the effects of these concepts.
  • includes “Consumer Topics” in each chapter that address a consumer issue, problem, or application in more depth or present results of relevant consumer research.

Table of contents

 1. Microfoundations: Concepts for Making Consumer Decisions.

 2. Macrofoundations: What You Can't Control But Should Know About.

 3. Organizing Your Financial Life.

 4. Shelter.

 5. Buying Consumer Durables and Using Credit.

 6. Life Insurance.

 7. Health, Property, and Auto Insurance.

 8. Fundamentals of Investing.

 9. Types of Investments.

10. Retirement Planning.

11. Shopping and Information Gathering.

12. Summing Up.


Published by Pearson (November 1st 1991) - Copyright © 1992