Educational Leadership: A Bridge to Improved Practice, 5th edition

  • Paula A. Cordeiro
  • William G. Cunningham

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Educational Leadership: A Bridge to Improved Practice describes how successful and effective schools and administrators operate in an increasingly challenging, fast-paced, demanding, and at times revolutionary environment. Readers are offered an integrated view of the knowledge base, research, and practice of administration within a context of multiple perspectives and a wide range of thinking.

This edition provides a comprehensive discussion of the field of educational administration in three sections. The Foundations of Educational Leadership presents a context for educational leadership studies with thorough descriptions and applications of educational standards, common practices, and assessments that equip each learner with a solid understanding of his or her own leadership style. Instructional Leadership and Student Learning emphasizes the critical role of the school leader in education, and to the student and the teacher. Operational Support for Effective Teaching and Learning examines the major functions of the school leader, including legal, financial, and stewardship responsibilities.


  • A Problem-Based Learning Project at the end of each section, offering opportunities for applied practice and further understanding
  • New Chapter, Technology and Learning, studies the growth of technologies in schools and what that means for aspiring school leaders.
  • All new Expert Opinions from influential and award-winning educational scholars, including Kathleen Binkowski, Chris Devers, and Ian Martin.

Table of contents




Part I The Foundations of Educational Leadership


CHAPTER ONE: Leadership Standards, Values and Practice


CHAPTER TWO: Context and Perspective for Educational Leaders


CHAPTER THREE: School Reform and Innovation


CHAPTER FOUR: School District Organizational Structure and Leadership


CHAPTER FIVE: Leadership Theory and Practice


PBL:  Marveling at the Results: Power, Roles, Relationships, and School Reform


Part Two–Instructional Leadership and Student Learning


CHAPTER SIX: Leading Learning in Schools


CHAPTER SEVEN: Technology and Learning


CHAPTER EIGHT: Diversity and Language Learning


CHAPTER NINE: Curriculum Development and Assessment


PBL:  A Jalapeño in a Candy Jar:  Addressing Diversity


Part Three---Operational Support for Effective Teaching and Learning


CHAPTER TEN:Student Support Services


CHAPTER ELEVEN: Law and Policy


CHAPTER TWELVE: Resource Allocation and Management


PBL:  Safe Havens: Developing School-Based Health Clinics





A.  Bridges & Hallinger - Problem-Based Learning in Educational Leadership

B.  Getz–Understanding Group Process

C.  PBL Project- Personalizing Learning Through Technology Integration:  A Plan for Sheridan High School


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