Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice, 13th edition

  • Robert E. Slavin


Educational Psychology uses recent research and compelling case studies to explain both the theoretical and practical strategies you need to be an effective teacher.

Table of contents

1. Educational Psychology: A Foundation for Teaching
2. Cognitive Development
3. Social, Moral, and Emotional Development
4. Student Diversity
5. Behavioral and Social Theories of Learning
6. Cognitive Theories of Learning
7. The Direct Instruction Lesson
8. Student-Centered and Constructivist Approaches to Instruction
9. Grouping, Differentiation, and Technology
10. Motivating Students to Learn
11. Effective Learning Environments
12. Learners with Exceptionalities
13. Assessing Student Learning
14. Standardized Tests and Accountability

Published by Pearson (August 22nd 2020) - Copyright © 2021