Electricity, Electronics and Wiring Diagrams for HVACR, 3rd edition

  • Edward Mahoney

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Electricity, Electronics and Wiring Diagrams for HVACR is a complete, simple, and up-to-date guide to the essentials of electricity and electronics for technicians working in today’s HVACR field. Part I gives students a firm foundation in the electrical and electronics concepts utilized in HVACR. Then, using these concepts, Part II presents a wide variety of practical circuits and systems, addressing the challenges HVACR technicians are likely to encounter most often. Building on the diagrams and solutions provided here, students will be able to address even the most complex circuits and problems they will encounter in the field. New topics in this edition include Kirchoff’s Law, Vector Analysis of AC Circuits, high-efficiency ECM motors, and remote control thermostats. Designed for simplicity, this text presents clear objectives, easy-to-understand explanations, and well-focused review questions.

Table of contents

Unit 1. Electron Theory

Unit 2. Magnetism

Unit 3. Ohm’s Law and the Electric Circuit

Unit 4. DC Resistive Circuits

Unit 5. Kirchhoffs Laws

Unit 6. Electric Meters

Unit 7. Batteries and Electromotive Force

Unit 8. Alternating Current

Unit 9. Electrical Safety

Unit 10. Capacitance and Inductance

Unit 11. Electrical Power and Energy

Unit 12. Transformers

Unit 13. Vector Analysis of AC Circuits

Unit 14. Electric Motors

Unit 15. Motor Applications

Unit 16. Electric Wiring

Unit 17. Semiconductor Devices       

Unit 18. Freezer Circuits

Unit 19. Air-Conditioning and Heating Controls and Circuits

Unit 20. Commercial Systems

Unit 21. Standing Pilot Furnaces

Unit 22. Electronic Ignition Gas-Fired Furnaces

Unit 23. Boilers

Unit 24. Oil Heat

Unit 25. Electric Heat

Unit 26. Ice Makers

Unit 27. Troubleshooting Strategies

Unit 28. Miscellaneous Devices and Accessories

Unit 29. Repair Strategies

Unit 30. Testing and Replacing Common Devices

Unit 31. DDC Controls

Published by Pearson (July 3rd 2013) - Copyright © 2014