Electricity for HVACR, 1st edition

  • Joseph Moravek

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Electricity for HVACR was written to help aspiring technicians with no electrical experience or training to understand the operation of HVACR electrical circuits. The text avoids theoretical discussions of circuits in order to focus on its main goal–showing students how to diagnose and solve electrical problems in HVACR systems. Using the spiral-learning concept, each new unit of the text builds on content learned from the previous unit. From how to use diagnostic tools and instruments safely to understanding diagrams and even coverage of the green ECM motor, the text’s many examples, tips, and step-by-step instruction help students learn to apply troubleshooting skills to real electrical problems.

Table of contents

Unit 1: Read This Unit First: What I Need to Know to Understand Electricity

Unit 2: Ohms Law

Unit 3: Safe Use of Electrical Instruments

Unit 4: Electrical Fasteners

Unit 5: Power Distribution

Unit 6: National Electric Code

Unit 7: Electrical Installation of HVAC

Unit 8: Transformers

Unit 9: Relays, Contactors and Motor Starters

Unit 10: Capacitors

Unit 11: Thermostats

Unit 12: Pressure Switches

Unit 13: Miscellaneous Electrical Components

Unit 14: How Do Motors Work?

Unit 15: Motor Types

Unit 16: Green Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM)

Unit 17: Understanding Electrical Diagrams

Unit 18: Resistors

Unit 19: Fundamentals of Solid State Circuits

Unit 20: Circuit Boards

Unit 21: Air Conditioning Systems

Unit 22: Gas Heating Systems

Unit 23: Electric Heating Systems

Unit 24: Heat Pumps

Unit 25: How to Start Electrical Troubleshooting

Unit 26: Basic Electrical Troubleshooting Techniques

Unit 27: Advanced Electrical Troubleshooting Techniques

Unit 28: Practical Troubleshooting

Published by Pearson (July 15th 2013) - Copyright © 2014