Elements of ML Programming, ML97 Edition, 2nd edition

  • Jeffrey D. Ullman

Elements of ML Programming, ML97 Edition

ISBN-13:  9780137903870

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Written by a well-known computer science education and researcher. No previous knowledge of ML or functional programming is assumed. KEY TOPICS: This is the first book that offers BOTH a highly accessible, step-by-step introductory tutorial on ML programming and a complete reference to, and explanation of, advanced features. The author uses a wide variety of digestible program examples to bring the reader along at a reasonable pace. More sophisticated programs and advanced concept topics balance out a book that is usable in a number of courses and settings for either self-study or class discussion.

Table of contents

1. A Perspective on ML and SML/NJ.

2. Getting Started in ML.

3. Defining Functions.

4. Input and Output.

5. More about Functions.

6. Defining Your Own Types.

7. More about ML Data Structures.

8. Encapsulation and ML Module System.

9. Summary of the ML Standard Basis.


Published by Pearson (December 22nd 1997) - Copyright © 1998