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Elements of News Writing, 3rd edition

  • James W. Kershner


Kershner’s The Elements of News Writing 3/e is a concise handbook that presents the essential rules of journalism, while offering in-depth analysis of the evolving industry. With comprehensive coverage from history to how-to, and discussions of new media, online journalism, blogging, and social networking, this text covers news writing from a 360 degree view.


The Elements of News Writing covers the basics of news writing without the extra verbiage. The author pays extra attention to grammar and usage, with easy-to-follow basic tips on writing for all types of  mass media, new and old.

Table of contents

PART ONE: The Basics

1.         What is News?

2.         History of Journalism in the United States

3.         The Role of the News Media in American Society

4.         Kershner's Five Rules of Journalism

5.         Basics of Good Journalism

6.         A Stylebook Primer

7.         How to Read a Newspaper


PART TWO: Grammar and Usage

8.         Commonly Misused Words

9.         Punctuation

10.       Punctuating Quotations

11.       Active and Passive Voice

12.       Spell Checkers


PART THREE: Writing News Stories

13.       How to Write a News Story in 15 Steps

14.       How to Write a Strong Lead

15.       How to Structure a News Story

16.       How to Conduct an Interview


PART FOUR: Covering Beats

17.       How to Cover Meetings and Speeches

18.       How to Cover the Police and Courts

19.       How to Cover Disasters and Tragedies

20.       How to Write Obituaries


PART FIVE: Specialized Writing

21.       How to Write Reviews and Criticism

22.       How to Write Editorials and Columns

23.       How to Write Feature Stories

24.       How to Write Profiles

25.       How to Market Feature Stories


PART SIX: Editing Newspapers

26.       How Newspapers Are Organized

27.       How to Plan a Newspaper

28.       How to Lay Out a Page

29.       How to Write Headlines

30.       How to Write Cutlines

31.       How to Use Photos and Graphics

32.       How to Edit Stories


PART SEVEN: Advanced Topics

33.       Legal Considerations in Journalism

34.       Ethical Considerations in Journalism

35.       The Future of the Mass Media

36.       Tips From the Best


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