EMS Special Operations, 1st edition

  • Jeffrey T. Lindsey


EMS Special Operations is designed to be used as a reference and how-to manual for EMS managers seeking to develop or manage an EMS special operations team. For information on teaching and learning resources, please contact your Brady representative.


Teaching and Learning Experience

  • Examples throughout the text richly illustrate the concepts presented.
  • Offers EMS managers a solid foundation of understanding of each of the topic areas.


This title is also available as part of our Digital Library EMS Management Series, please visit www.bradybooks.com/dl to learn more.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to Special Operations
  2. Mass Casualty Incidents: Triage, Treatment, and Transport
  3. Mass Gatherings and Special Events
  4. Tactical Response
  5. Pandemics
  6. Vehicle Extrication
  7. Structural Collapse
  8. Confined-Space Rescue
  9. Above-Ground and Below-Ground Rescue
  10. Safety Officer
  11. Hazardous Materials
  12. Water Rescue and Dive Special Operations
  13. Land-Based Search and Rescue
  14. Incidents of National Consequence
  15. Developing an EMS-Related Special Operations Team

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