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Engaging in the Language Arts: Exploring the Power of Language, 2nd edition

  • Donna Ogle
  • James W. Beers

Published by Pearson (March 17th 2011) - Copyright © 2012

2nd edition

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Engaging in the Language Arts: Exploring the Power of Language (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780132999038

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Table of contents









CHAPTER 1 Introducing the Language Arts

    What Is Important about Classroom Language Use? 4

    What Is the Authors’ Perspective? 6

    What Are Important Aspects of Language Study? 7

    How Do We Organize and Structure Ideas? 13

    How Do Our Communities Influence Language Development? 14

    What Is Your Role? 17

    What Does Good Instruction Look Like? 20

    How Can the Standards Help Your Teaching? 26

    How Can You Get Started in This Study of Language Arts? 28

    What Are Your Interests and Questions? 29 


CHAPTER 2 Assessing Language Arts

    Why Is Language Arts Assessment Important? 34

    How Are National Language Arts Standards Related to State and School District Language Arts Standards? 34

    What Are Principles to Follow in Language Arts Assessment? 39

    How Can You Assess Language Arts? 40

    When Do You Assess Language Arts? 58


CHAPTER 3 Supporting Diverse Learners

    How Do We Define Diversity?

    What Do You Need to Know When Teaching English Learners?

    How Does Diversity Affect Your Classroom?

    How Can You Differentiate Instruction?

    How Can You Support Students Who Struggle with Language Learning?

    What Intellectual and Social Needs Are Important to Consider?


CHAPTER 4 Understanding Oral Language Development

    What Is Language?

    Why Is Oral Language Important?

    What Do We Know about Oral Language Development?

    How Does Language Develop?

    How Does Language Change during the Preschool Years?

    Is Language Development “Finished” When Children Enter School?

    What Do We Know about Dialects?

    How Do Students Use Language?

    How Can We Promote Language Growth?


CHAPTER 5 Engaging with Literature


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