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Engineer's Toolkit: A First Course in Engineering, 1st edition

  • Carl Mitcham
  • R Shannon Duval
Engineer's Toolkit: A First Course in Engineering

ISBN-13: 9780805364361

Includes: Paperback

1st edition

Published byPearson (December 21st 1999) - Copyright © 2000

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Free delivery
$59.99 $47.99

What's included

  • Paperback

    You'll get a bound printed text.


An introduction to using Visual Basic for engineers. KEY TOPICS: Introduces a disciplined approach to engineering analysis with a five-step problem-solving process. Includes numerous exercises and problems, such as “What if” and “Try It” features. MARKET: For engineers and computer scientists interested in learning Visual BASIC.

Table of contents

 1. Is Ethics Relative?

 2. Exploring Different Dimensions of Ethics.

 3. Ethical Theories.

 4. Ethics and Institutions.

 5. Models of Professionalism.

 6. Loyalty in Engineering.

 7. Honesty in Engineering.

 8. Responsibility in Engineering.

 9. Informed Consent in Engineering.

10. Ethical Engineering and Conflict Resolution.

11. Engineering and the Environment.

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