Engineering Materials Volume 1, 2nd edition

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Studying for an engineering qualification?
Looking for a concise but comprehensive introduction to engineering materials?
More interested in the practical aspects of the subject than in the science and theory?

If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions then this book is for you!

Engineering Materials Volume 1 provides a comprehensive and highly practical introduction to the basic science of materials technology for all engineering students. This new edition has been rewritten and updated to reflect the requirements of the Advanced GNVQ and BTEC NC/D Engineering specifications. As such it also forms an ideal introduction to the subject for first-year degree courses in engineering.

Topics covered include: basic science of materials; alloying of metals; plain carbon steels and cast irons, and their heat treatment; non-ferrous metals, their alloys and heat treatment; polymeric materials; bearing materials; material shaping and testing (destructive and non-destructive); performance of materials in service and their selection.

This book leads naturally into the companion volume VoluEngineering Materials me 2, intended for students studying materials at a more advanced level such as HNC/D and second-year engineering degree courses. The broad coverage of this two-volume approach ensures that these core texts not only satisfy the requirements of technician engineers up to the highest level but also provide an excellent technical background for undergraduates studying for a degree in mechanical engineering, materials engineering or combined engineering.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Materials.
2. Basic Science of Materials.
3. Alloying of Metals.
4. Plain Carbon Steels.
5. Heat Treatment of Plain Carbon Steels.
6. Cast Irons and Their Heat Treatment.
7. Non-Ferrous Metals, Their Alloys, and Their Heat Treatment.
8. Polymeric Materials.
9. Bearing Materials.
10. Shaping Materials.
11. Materials Testing: Destructure.
12. Materials Testing: Non-Destructure.
13. Materials in Service.
1. Alloy Steels.
2. Heat Treatment.
3. Ceramics and Composites.
4. Corrosion and Its Prevention.
5. Synthetic Adhesives.
6. Semiconductor Materials and Devices.
7. Materials in Service.

Published by Pearson (May 12th 1998) - Copyright © 1998