Environment and The Law: An Introduction for Environmental Scientists and Lawyers, 1st edition

  • John F McEldowney
  • Sharron McEldowney

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A clear and fully integrated exposition of the relevant laws, regulations and institutions, covering land, water and air. Takes into account UK law, including the 1995 Environment Act, and important recent cases such as the House of Lords decision in Cambridge Water, together with appropriate European Community directives and decisions. Integrates international agreements, and treaties and decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Community. The legal structure of environmental law is fully explained, taking account of the impact of recent scientific developments on the legal controls on pollution.

Table of contents

Table of Cases
Table of Legislation
Part I: Introduction:
1. General introduction to the law
2. An introduction to the legal system
3. International and European environmental law
4. Regulatory bodies and the environment
5. Privatisation and the environment
6. Environmental assessment andintegrated pollution control
Part II: Land
7. Planning and the environment
8. Thecountryside and the environment
9. Land use and waste
Part III: Water
10. Water and pollution control
11. Protection of the coastal and marine environment
Part IV: Atmosphere
12. Air and pollution
13. Noise
Part V: Conclusions.
14. The environment: future directions?

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Published by Pearson (August 15th 1996) - Copyright © 1996