Environment and You, The, 2nd edition

  • Norm Christensen
  • Lissa Leege

Environment and You, The (Subscription)

ISBN-13:  9780134099804


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Inspiring Students to Explore New Frontiers and Local Solutions

The Environment and You, Second Edition, by Norm Christensen and new co-author Lissa Leege, gives today’s generation of students reason to be hopeful about environmental challenges by emphasizing the role that science plays in environmental problem solving and solutions. The text offers a solid foundation in the science and demonstrates the role that science can play in influencing personal, community and global environmental issues. The new edition has added New Frontiers discussions that emphasize the interaction between new scientific discoveries, ethics, and policy; andWhere You Live activities that invite students to use primary data sources to explore environmental principles and issues in their local community.  A new chapter organization also improves connections between chapters and integrates key concepts with relevant environmental issues.


Table of contents

  1. Environment, Sustainability, and Science             
  2. Environmental Ethics, Economics, and Policy      
  3. The Physical Science of the Environment             
  4. Organism and Population Ecology and Evolution              
  5. Human Population Growth                 
  6. Communities and Ecosystems                                  
  7. Geography of Life                                       
  8. Biodiversity Conservation                           
  9. Climate Change and Global Warming                       
  10. Air Quality                                             
  11. Water                                                     
  12. Agriculture and the Ecology of Food                        
  13. Forest Resources                                      
  14. Nonrenewable Energy and Electricity                       
  15. Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation 
  16. Urban Ecosystems                                   
  17. Waste Management                                  
  18. The Environment and Human Health                       
  19. The Environment and You                                     


Appendix A: Graph Appendix                                    

Appendix B: Metric System                                     







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