Environment and You, The, 3rd edition

  • Norm Christensen
  • Lissa Leege
  • Justin St. Juliana

Environment and You Plus Mastering Environmental Science with Pearson eText, The -- Access Card Package

ISBN-13:  9780134784441

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For Introductory Environmental Science Courses (Non-Majors).

This package includes Mastering Environmental Science.


Build and practice skills needed to understand complex environmental issues

The Environment and You, 3rd Edition, by Norm Christensen, Lissa Leege, and new co-author Justin St. Juliana, gives today’s generation of students reason to be hopeful about environmental challenges. The authors draw on their pedagogical expertise and classroom experience to help students establish a reliable foundation in science.


The unbiased approach of the text equips students with important analytical and quantitative reasoning skills, including how to ask questions to seek information required to develop informed opinions. The authors strive to inspire students, by connecting the course to choices they can make as citizens and demonstrating the role science can play in influencing personal, community and global environmental issues.


With the 3rd Edition, new features include You Decide which presents complex environmental issues and invites students to take a position and consider the results of their position. New Misconceptions address common student misunderstandings related to matters of scientific fact and tackle them head on. The textbook is closely integrated with Mastering Environmental Science to support instructors and students with a wide variety of engaging assignments and activities.


Personalize learning with Mastering Environmental Science

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  • 0134646053 / 9780134646053 The Environment and You

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Table of contents

1.     Environment, Sustainability, and Science

2.     Environmental Ethics, Economics, and Policy

3.     The Physical Science of the Environment

4.     Organism and Population Ecology and Evolution

5.     Human Population Growth

6.     Communities and Ecosystems

7.     The Geography of Life

8.     Biodiversity Conservation

9.     Climate Change and Global Warming

10.  Air Quality

11.  Water

12.  Agriculture and the Ecology of Food

13.  Forest Resources

14.  Nonrenewable Energy and Electricity

15.  Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation

16.  Urban Ecosystems

17.  Waste Management

18.  The Environment and Human Health

19.  The Environment and You

Published by Pearson (February 1st 2018) - Copyright © 2019