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Essay Writing for Canadian Students, 9th edition

  • Roger Davis
  • Laura K. Davis

Published by Pearson Canada (January 7th 2019) - Copyright © 2020

9th edition

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Essay Writing for Canadian Students, a popular writing guide for 30 years, presents the writing process as a systematic set of procedures for planning, drafting, and revising deductively organized academic essays. It stresses the analytical skills students need to explore the subjects they write about and ultimately to write clear and coherent papers. 

Table of contents

Part l Rhetoric
1 Writing Essays: An Overview
2 Reading Analytically and Writing Summaries
3 Writing Analysis Essays: Clarifying Essay Topics and Gathering Material
4 Writing Analysis Essays: Formulating a Thesis Statement and Drafting
5 Writing Analysis Essays: Revising
6 Writing Essays on Literature
7 Writing Comparison Essays
8 Writing Evaluation Essays
9 Writing Persuasive Essays
10 Gathering Material for Research Essays
11 Writing Research Essays
12 Writing Research Essays across the Curriculum

Part ll Readings
Published Writings
Abdou, Angie. “Summer Hockey Camp: What’s Love Gotta Do with It?” (new)
Alexander, Bruce K. “Reframing Canada’s Drug Problem"
Bringhurst, Robert. “The Persistence of Poetry and the Deconstruction of the World”
Fisher, Mark. “Good for Nothing” (new)
Forster, E. M. “My Wood”
Gillespie, Curtis. “Learning to Unlearn: It’s Time to Discard the Myths about Canada and Indigenous Peoples” (new)
Helwig, Maggie. “Hunger” (new)
hooks, bell. “Feminist Politics: Where We Stand”
King, Thomas. “Forget Columbus” (new)
Klein, Naomi. “Science Says: Revolt!”
Laurence, Margaret. “The Loons”
Laurence, Margaret. “Time and the Narrative Voice”
Mate, Gabor. “Embraced by the Needle”
Morrison, Aimee. “Facebook and Coaxed Affordances”
Orwell, George. “Shooting an Elephant”
Robinson, Laura. “Girl Unprotected”
Sanders, Scott Russell. “The Men We Carry in Our Minds”
Satir, Virginia. “Systems: Open or Closed?”
Stenson, Fred. “In Search of a Modest Proposal”
Suzuki, David. “It Always Costs”
Swift, Jonathan. “A Modest Proposal”
Taylor, Charles. “All for One, and One for All”
Van Camp, Richard. “Canada, You’re like My Favourite One-Day Uncle” (new)
Vonnegut, Kurt. “How to Write with Style” (new)
Vowel, Chelsea. “What is Cultural Appropriation? Respecting Cultural Boundaries” (new)
Woolf, Virginia. “[Shakespeare’s Sister]”

Sample Essays
Jones, C. “Perspectives on Addictions”
Jones, D. “The Complexity of Power and Gender Relations: An Evaluative Essay on Scott Russell Sanders’s ‘The Men We Carry in Our Minds’”
Jones, V. “Acting Now: Practical Approaches to Mitigating Climate Change” (new)
Smith, F. “Laurence’s ‘The Loons’: Insight or Stereotype?”
Smith, L. “Like Me on Facebook: Identity Construction in Social Media”
Smith, T. “Bodily Voices: Maggie Helwig’s ‘Hunger’” (new)
Strong, L. “Tone in William Carlos William’s ‘This is Just to Say’”

Part lll Handbook for Final Editing
A Final Editing: The Process
B Grammar: Parts of Speech
C Writing Better Sentences
D Writing Better Paragraphs
E Creating an Appropriate Tone
F Punctuation
G Spelling and Mechanics
H Format

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