Essence International Money, 2nd edition

  • Adrian Buckley

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A broad-based contemporary introduction to the key concepts and practical aspects of foreign exchange markets - their workings, value, uses and implications. The text has been substantially revised and updated with new material, and includes illustrations, worked examples, questions and answers.

Table of contents


  1. What is International Money all About?
  2. The Essence of Currency Calculations
  3. How are Foreign Exchange Rates Quoted?
  4. What Makes Exchange Rates Move?
  5. What is Foreign Exchange Risk?
  6. Why Worry About Foreign Exchange Risk?
  7. Internal Techniques of Managing Foreign Exchange Exposure
  8. External Techniques of Managing Foreign Exchange Exposure
  9. What are Currency Swaps?
  10. What are Financial Futures on Foreign Exchange?
  11. How do Currency Options Work?
  12. Interest Rate Risk
  13. The Value of Growth Options
  14. Is the International Investment Decision Different?
  15. Is the International Financing Decision Different?
  16. The European Monetary System
  17. Why Hedge Anyway?
  18. Economic Exposure Revisited

Appendices: (i) Questions and Answers

(ii) Further Reading

Published by Pearson (December 20th 1995) - Copyright © 1996