Essential College English, 7th edition

  • Norwood Selby
  • Pamela S. Bledsoe

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Essential College English is a grammar workbook with lucid instruction for the traditional principles of basic grammar, punctuation and mechanics, and usage. Ample writing opportunity is provided throughout the text to help transfer grammar skill into writing.

Table of contents


1. Subjects, Verbs, and Complements.

2. Parts of Speech.

3. Phrases.

4. Clauses.

5. Sentence Types, Sentence Variety, and Sentence Combining.

6. Agreement.

7. Identifying and Correcting Sentence Fragments.

8. Identifying and Correcting Fused Sentences and Comma Splices.

9. Pronoun and Case Reference.

10. Adjectives and Adverbs.


11. Commas.

12. Semicolons.

13. Apostrophes.

14. Quotation Marks.

15. Capitalization and Italics.

16. Abbreviations.

17. Other Marks of Punctuation.

18. Spelling and Style.

Answers to Practice Sentences and Editing Practice

Published by Pearson (July 23rd 2014) - Copyright © 2014