Essential Foundations of Economics, 8th edition

  • Robin Bade
  • Michael Parkin


Helping students focus on the most important concepts – and effectively practice application of those concepts. It is a patient and confidence-building title, preparing students to use economics in their everyday lives, regardless of what their future career will be.

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Table of contents

Part 1: Introduction

1. Getting Started  

2. The U.S. and Global Economies

3. The Economic Problem

4. Demand and Supply

Part 2: A Closer Look at Markets 

5. Elasticities of Demand and Supply

6. Efficiency and Fairness of Markets  

7. Government Actions in Markets

8. Global Markets in Action

9. Externalities: Pollution, Education, and Healthcare

Part 3: Prices, Profits, and Industry Performance

10. Production and Cost

11. Perfect Competition

12. Monopoly

13. Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly

Part 4: Monitoring the Macroeconomy

14. GDP: A Measure of Total Production and Income

15. Jobs and Unemployment

16. The CPI and the Cost of Living

Part 5: Understanding the Macroeconomy 

17. Potential GDP and Economic Growth

18. Money and Inflation

19. Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand

20. Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy

Published by Pearson (February 24th 2017) - Copyright © 2018