Essential Guide to Writing Research Papers, Canadian Edition, 1st edition

  • James D. Lester
  • Patricia I. Mochnacz

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Designed as a supplementary guide for writing courses at the college and university level.

The Essential Guide to Writing Research Papers, Canadian Edition, is the ultimate brief research reference. This inexpensive guide is priced to work as a supplement in any research-oriented course. It covers all aspects of the research writing process from selecting a topic and gathering data to formatting the final draft, but with frequent use of checklists and summaries to keep the text brief.

Table of contents



 1. Finding a Topic.

 2. Gathering Data.

 3. Organizing Ideas and Setting Goals.

 4. Finding and Reading the Best Sources.

 5. Writing Notes.

 6. Writing the Paper.

 7. Blending Sources into Your Writing.

 8. Handling Format: MLA Style.

 9. Works Cited: MLA Style.

10. Using APA Style.

11. Using the Number Systems: CBE, ACS, AMS, and AIP.

12. Using the Footnote System.



Published by Pearson Canada (November 21st 2002) - Copyright © 2003