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Essential Skills for Effective School Leadership, 1st edition

  • Frank Siccone

Published by Pearson (August 3rd 2011) - Copyright © 2012

1st edition

Essential Skills for Effective School Leadership

ISBN-13: 9780131385191

Includes: Paperback
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A succinct, practicable text that equips school leaders with an expansive repertoire of essential skills and reinforces the leadership knowledge necessary for success.


All leaders, particularly school leaders, share five essential skills:


Confidence. Leaders believe in themselves and their ability to mobilize others to act.

Communication. Leaders are able to articulate their goals and transform words into deeds, and rhetoric into results. 

Collaboration. Leaders recognize that success is a team effort.

Coaching. Leaders invest time and energy into developing their team.

Continuous Improvement. Leaders view change as opportunity.


This book is based on the premise that there is no single ideal school leader profile or leadership style. It contains tools for activating and motivating the community on behalf of students, developing the ability to be decisive and achieve results, facilitating collaboration to improve teaching and learning, implementing detailed action plans, and balancing leadership challenges.


Designed for individual school leaders and those who aspire to be, this book contains easy-to-understand, ready-to-use leadership lessons created to inspire the acquisition of pertinent decision-making and school leadership skills. A valuable resource for every reader, it is designed to be easily customizable. Topics that are most relevant to each situation are easily selected and tailored to every leader's individual development program.  


Table of contents



Part One: To Lead Is To Learn–Confidence Skills                                       

7 Ways To Build Confidence In Your Leadership                                                  

1.      Leading To Learn                                                                                    

2.      Leading With Vision                                                                                            

3.      Leading With Inspiration                                                                          

4.      Leading With Responsibility                                                                                 

5.      Leading With Results                         &nb

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