Ethical Dilemmas and Nursing Practice, 5th edition

  • Anne J. Davis
  • Deborah Fowler
  • Mila A. Arosker

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This valuable guide helps develop the critical thinking skills needed to become effective patient advocates. Pinpointing the systematic methods of reasoning through an ethical dilemma, this is the ultimate resource to resolving ethical issues in a system undergoing fundamental change. The fourth edition reflects contemporary issues such as informed consent, abortion, death and dying, and behavior control. Numerous case studies are also included

Table of contents

1. Health Care Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas

 2. Nursing's Ethics

 3. Values Clarification, Moral Development, and Other Considerations in Understanding Health Care Ethics

 4. Selected Ethical Approaches: Theories and Concepts

 5. Professional Ethics and Institutional Constraints in Nursing Practice

 6. Rights, Responsibilities, and Health Care

 7. Self-Determination

 8. Reproducing Life 

 9. Dying and Death

10. Behavior Control

11. Mental Retardation

12. Policy, Ethics, and Health Care




Published by Pearson (July 15th 2009) - Copyright © 2010