Ethics and the Conduct of Business, 7th edition

  • John R. Boatright

Ethics and the Conduct of Business (Subscription)

ISBN-13:  9780205983650

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Ethical Issues in Developing Business Policies


Ethics and the Conduct of Business is a comprehensive and up-to-date discussion of the most prominent issues in the field of business ethics, and the major positions and arguments on these issues.  Numerous real-life examples and case studies are used throughout the book to increase understanding of issues, stimulate class discussion, and show the relevance of the discussion to real-life business practice.


Note: The focus of Ethics and the Conduct of Business is primarily on ethical issues that corporate decision makers face in developing policies about employees, customers, and the general public. The positions and arguments on these issues are taken from a wide variety of sources, including economics and the law.


Teaching and Learning Experience


Improve Critical Thinking - A substantial amount of legal material is contained within Ethics and the Conduct of Business. Not only because the law addresses many ethical issues, but also because the management decision-making process must take into account relevant legal practices.


Engage Students - This book employs fifty case studies that firmly illustrate the wide variety of issues pertaining to business ethics and enable students to engage in ethical decision making.


Support Instructors - Teaching your course just got easier!  You can create a Customized Text or use our Instructor’s Manual, Electronic “MyTest” Test Bank or PowerPoint Presentation Slides.  Plus, a substantial number of cases within Ethics and the Conduct of Business provide the opportunity for a case-study approach or a combined lecture/discussion format for your course.






Table of contents

  •  Preface 
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter 1    Ethics in the World of Business
  • Chapter 2    Ethical Decision Making
  • Chapter 3    Ethical Theories
  • Chapter 4    Whistle-Blowing
  • Chapter 5    Trade Secrets and Conflict of Interest
  • Chapter 6    Privacy
  • Chapter 7    Discrimination and Affirmative Action
  • Chapter 8    Employment Rights
  • Chapter 9    Occupational Health and Safety  
  • Chapter 10    Marketing, Advertising, and Product Safety
  • Chapter 11    Ethics in Finance
  • Chapter 12    Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Chapter 13    Corporate Governance and Accountability
  • Chapter 14    International Business Ethics 

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