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  5. Ethics in Health Care: A Canadian Focus

Ethics in Health Care: A Canadian Focus, 1st edition

  • EikeHenner W. Kluge

Published by Pearson Canada (October 1st 2012) - Copyright © 2013

1st edition

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Written by one of the leading Canadian authorities on health care ethics, Ethics in Health Care: A Canadian Focus presents the key ethical issues surrounding several health care topics within the context of the Canadian social and legal system. With a strong emphasis on the application of theory, Ethics provides readers with the conceptual tools for making their own informed judgements. Furthermore, each topic is considered within the context of the rapid acceleration of contemporary technologies and their impact on traditional perspectives on the delivery of health care.

Table of contents



  1. Ethics as a Discipline
  2. Codes of Ethics and the Medical Profession
  3. The Health Care Professional-Patient Relationship
  4. Informed Consent
  5. Substitute Decision-Making
  6. Research Using Human Subjects
  7. The Ethics of Deliberate Death
  8. Abortion
  9. Health, Health Care and Social Justice
  10. Resource Allocation
  11. Reproductive Ethics and the Right to Have Children
  12. Biotechnology

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