Ethics of Educational Leadership, The, 2nd edition

  • Ronald W. Rebore

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In The Ethics of Educational Leadership, the author of one of the leading texts in human resource administration presents a practical resource dealing with significant ethical issues involved in building and central office administration. In it, Ronald Rebore presents the ethical ideas and notions of 20 philosophers and psychologists applied to the practice of educational leadership. The book helps tomorrow’s educational leaders evaluate the philosophical ideas of others, and use what they discover to develop their own way of approaching their leadership responsibilities.

Table of contents



Part One The Ethical Administrator 1

Chapter 1 The Purpose and Structure of the Book 3

Chapter 2 Developing a Personal Approach to Ethics 19

Chapter 3 The Ethics of Power and Duty in Educational Leadership 49

Chapter 4 The Ethics of Human Relations 87


Part Two The Ethical Practice of Educational Leadership 109

Chapter 5 Ethical Considerations in Leadership at the School-District Level 111

Chapter 6 Ethical Considerations in School-Building Leadership 141

Chapter 7 Legal Issues and the Ethics of Educational Leadership 163


Part Three Equity in Ethical Educational Leadership 183

Chapter 8 The Issue of Gender and Educational Leadership 185

Chapter 9 Pluralism, Justice, Discourse Ethics, and Educational Leadership 209


Part Four Human Communication and the Ethics of Educational

Leadership 243

Chapter 10 The Fundamentals of Human Communication and the Ethics of Educational Leadership 245

Chapter 11 Cultural Communication and the Ethics of Educational Leadership 263

Chapter 12 The Ethics of Nonverbal and Verbal Expressions in Human Communication 283

Chapter 13 The Empathetic and Genuine Administrator 303


Epilogue 317

Index 323

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