European Labour Market: Analysis and Policy, 2nd edition

  • NJ Adnett

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This new book originates from Nick Adnett's popular, Labour Market Policy, retaining much of its features and coverage, but now concentrating on the emerging European policy issues, such as: Eurosclerosis, social dumping, minimum wage laws and wage inequality and subsidiarity. It discusses fully EU-level policy, including a full examination of social policy and the implications of economic and monetary union. Topical policy issues are highlighted in the text and the book also benefits from improved presentation of statistical data. All text and data has been thoroughly updated.

Table of contents

1. The UK and European Labour Markets.
2. Labour Market Economics.
3. Labour Market Policy: an Introduction.
4. Education and Training.
5. Job-Matching-Search amd Migration in the Labour Market.
6. Discrimination.
7. Unemployment.
8. EU Policy Issues.

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Published by Pearson (July 15th 1996) - Copyright © 1996