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  5. Everyday Spanish: A Comprehensive Grammar Review -- Access Card -- for MyLab Spanish (One Semester)

Everyday Spanish: A Comprehensive Grammar Review -- Access Card -- for MyLab Spanish (One Semester), 5th edition

  • Julio I. Andujar
  • Robert J. Dixson
  • Donna Binkowski

Published by Pearson (December 1st 2014) - Copyright © 2015

5th edition

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Appropriate for any introductory or intermediate course in Spanish that reviews and practices grammar.

Organized into concise modules that present a topic and provide practice, Everyday Spanish adopts a tried and true approach to reviewing grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. It includes clear and concise explanations in English of key grammatical points followed by straightforward examples that guide students through the accompanying exercises, all of which are machine gradable and provide instantaneous feedback. The topics are then reinforced in self-contained review sections, followed by a word game (Buscapalabras) that keeps students' interest level high.¿


Table of contents

Definite Article and Gender of Nouns.

Indefinite Articles.

Plural Nouns.

Descriptive Adjectives.

The Verb Ser.

Subject Pronouns.

Indefinite Articles with Modified Nouns.


Present Tense of Regular Verbs.

Possessive with De.

Ser and Estar.


Hay and Hay que.

Tener que + Infinitive.

Demonstrative Adjectives este, ese, aquel.

Use of a Personal.

Formation of adverbs.

Irregular Verbs Decir, Oír, Venir, Querer.

Auxiliary Verb Poder.

Vocabulary Review.

Preterite Tense, -ar, -er, -ir verbs.

Personal Pronouns-Prepositional Forms.

Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns.

Redundant Object Pronouns.

The Verb Gustar.



Reflexive Verbs.

Use of Infinitives.

Preterite Tense of Ser, Ir.

Preterite Tense of Irregular Verbs.

Stem-changing Verbs.

Imperfect Tense of -ar, -er, -ir verbs.

Future Tense, Regular Verbs.

Future Tense, Irregular Verbs.

Shortened Articles (Apócope).

Vocabulary Check-up.

Comparison of Adjectives.

Verbs Ending in -cer, -cir.

Conocer, Saber.

Command Forms-Imperative Mood.

Adjectives without -o ending.

Use of Hace.

Present Perfect (Pretérito perfecto).

Passive Voice (Voz pasiva).

Present Participles.

Past Progressive Tense.

Present Perfect Progressive.

Para and Por.

Present of -uir verbs.

Preterite/progressive of -uir verbs.

Preterite, commands of -gar, -car verbs.

Preterite, commands of -zar verbs.


Possessive Adjectives/Pronouns.

Possessive Pronouns.

Conditional Forms.

Verbs requiring Prepositions.

Prepositions, review.

Subjunctive Mood-Present.

Present Perfect Subjunctive.

Corresponding Verb and Noun Forms.

Corresponding Adjective and Noun Forms.

Future Possible Conditions.

Present Unreal Conditions.

Past Unreal-Past Perfect Subjunctive.


Subjunctives after relative pronouns.

Corresponding Noun and Verb Forms.

Reflexive Verbs-Special Meanings.

Reciprocal Action Verbs.

Que, quien.

El cual, la cual, los cuales, las cuales.

Cuyo, cuya, cuyos cuyas.

Deber de haber.

Deber haber.

Pero/sino/, y/e, o/u. o/ó.


Absolute Superlatives.


Vocabulary Check-up.

General Review.

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