Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education, 12th edition

  • William L. Heward
  • Sheila R. Alber-Morgan
  • Moira Konrad

Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education (Subscription)

ISBN-13:  9780135756089

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Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education is an informative, accessible, and interesting introduction to the ongoing story of special education. It focuses on experienced teachers to give readers first-person insight into this diverse field. It also details, step-by-step, how special educators use highly effective, research-based practices to promote student achievement in their classrooms.

Table of contents

PART I: Foundations for Understanding Special Education

1. The Purpose and Promise of Special Education
2. Planning and Providing Special Education Services
3. Collaborating with Families

PART II: Educational Needs of Exceptional Students

4. Intellectual Disabilities
5. Learning Disabilities
6. Emotional or Behavioral Disorders
7. Autism Spectrum Disorder
8. Communication Disorders
9. Deafness and Hearing Loss
10. Blindness and Low Vision
11. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Health Impairments, and Physical Disabilities
12. Low-Incidence Disabilities: Multiple Disabilities, Deaf-Blindness, and Traumatic Brain Injury
13. Gifted and Talented

PART III: Special Education Across the Life Span

14. Early Childhood Special Education
15. Transition to Adulthood

Published by Pearson (June 30th 2021) - Copyright © 2022