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Explorations in Elementary School Science: Practice and Theory K-8, 1st edition

  • Erminia Pedretti
  • Katherine Bellomo
  • Susan Jagger

Published by Pearson Canada (March 20th 2014) - Copyright © 2015

1st edition

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Explorations in Elementary School Science will support students to become teachers of elementary school science. Erminia Pedretti, Katherine Bellomo, and Susan Jagger intentionally designed a book that merged practice and theory in synergistic ways, striking a balance between practical ideas and tips and their theoretical underpinnings, to challenge students’ assumptions about what science is and how it can be taught. The intention of this book is to help students to feel confident, prepared, and inspired as they begin their career in this busy but incredibly rewarding and important profession.

Table of contents


Preface Part I: A Vision for Science Education
Chapter 1: Teaching Science: Beginning the Journey
Chapter 2: Nature of Science (NOS)
Chapter 3: Environmental Education
Chapter 4: Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice in Science Education

Part II: Curriculum Design
Chapter 5: Curriculum That Meets the Needs of Students
Chapter 6: Curriculum Planning and Implementation
Chapter 7: Curriculum Fundamentals

Part III: Scientific Inquiry
Chapter 8: Scientific Inquiry and Investigations
Chapter 9: Planning for Scientific Inquiry and Investigations

Part IV: Science, Technology, Society, and the Environment (STSE)
Chapter 10: Exploring Science, Technology, Society & Environment (STSE)
Chapter 11: STSE Education: Planning and Pedagogy

Part V: Knowledge
Chapter 12: Knowledge and Learning
Chapter 13: Teaching Content Knowledge: Pedagogy and Principles

Appendix A: Strategies and Graphic Organizers
Appendix B: Preparing for the Practicum
Appendix C: Making a Successful Beginning to the School Year
Appendix D: Favourite Assignments
Appendix E: Suggested Children’s Literature for Elementary Science
Appendix F: Planning for Field Trips

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Subject Index

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