Exploring the Urban Community: A GIS Approach, 2nd edition

  • Richard P Greene
  • James B Pick

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Authored by accomplished urban geographers and GIS experts, Exploring the Urban Community: A GIS Approach leverages the modern geographer’s toolset, employing the latest GIS methodology to the study of urban geography. The Second Edition expands upon this timely, applied approach by incorporating new “internet GIS” Google Earth™ activities, which do not require students to own expensive software or travel to a school lab. New exercises are also provided for ArcGIS 9.3 and 10, the latest version of the industry-dominant software. Coupled with current examples and applications from around the world, including a greater focus on India and China, Exploring the Urban Community presents an engaging and uniquely hands-on applied approach to the study of urban geography.

Table of contents

Chapter 1    The Spatial Display of Urban Environments    
Chapter 2    Defining the Metropolis    
Chapter 3    The Internal Structure of Cities    
Chapter 4    Systems of Cities    
Chapter 5    Neighborhoods    
Chapter 6    Migration and Residential Mobility    
Chapter 7    Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Poverty    
Chapter 8    Industrial Location and Cities    
Chapter 9    Urban Core and Edge City Contrasts    
Chapter 10  Environmental Problems    
Chapter 11  Urban and Regional Planning

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Published by Pearson (January 14th 2011) - Copyright © 2012