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Families in Canada, 3rd edition

  • James M. White
  • Lyle E. Larson
  • J Walter Goltz
  • Brenda E. Munro

Published by Pearson Canada (October 15th 2004) - Copyright © 2005

3rd edition

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Families in Canada, Third Edition is a comprehensive, mainstream introduction to the study of marriage and family life historically, cross-culturally, and with particular emphasis on Canadian society. This text provides a solid background for students looking to pursue the study of sexuality, intimate relationships, marriages, families, and the interface between families and society, in more specific detail in advanced courses. The new edition will be not only a valuable text but a reference source for students and scholars as they continue their study of the family and marriage. Dr. James White is now the lead author. Dr. White's current research interests are in the areas of cohabitation, family structure and early childhood outcomes, and the concept of time in developmental studies.

Table of contents



Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1: Understanding Marriages and Family

Chapter 2: Family Theories and Methods

Part II: Families in Differing Times and Places

Chapter 3: Kinship Organization of Marriage and Family

Chapter 4: History of the Family

Chapter 5: Variations in Canadian Families

Part III: Intimacy and Premarital Relationships

Chapter 6: The Formation of Intimate Relationships: Dating and Sex

Chapter 7: Mate Selection, Courtship and Cohabitation

Part IV: Defining and Maintaining Marriage Relationships

Chapter 8: The Institutional Framework of Marriage

Chapter 9: Marital Quality and Communication

Chapter 10: Work, Marriage and Family

Part V: Families Over the Life Span

Chapter 11: Parenthood, Parent-Child Relationships and Socialization

Chapter 12: Aging and Families in Later Life

Part VI: Marriages and Families in Transition and Crisis

Chapter 13: Relationship Endings and Beginnings

Chapter 14: Family Stress, Crises and Abuse

Part VII: Families Facing the Future: Persistence and Change

Chapter 15: Family Trends and Family Policy in the 21st Century



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