Family Law for the Paralegal: Concepts and Applications, 3rd edition

  • Mary E. Wilson

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Family Law for the Paralegal: Concepts and Applications provides a thorough introduction to the basics of family law and procedure, addressing all key areas most commonly encountered in a family law practice. While the overall approach of the text is generic, each chapter provides opportunities for students to consider issues through the lens of individual jurisdictions and cases. 


The Third Edition offers an up-to-date perspective on family law. It incorporates coverage of the impact of marriage equality on areas such as parenting and custody and it highlights ways in which the Internet has revolutionized adoption, discovery, and family violence. This interesting and readable text helps prepare students to enter the workforce with strong cognitive and practical skills.


Table of contents

1. Introduction to a Family Law Practice

2. Cohabitation and Premarital Agreements

3. Marriage

4. Annulment

5. The Divorce Process

6. Discovery and Financial Statements

7. Parenthood

8. Adoption

9. Child Custody

10. Child Support

11. Spousal Support

12. Property Division

13. Separation Agreements

14. Family Violence


APPENDIX A: National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility

APPENDIX B: Websites of Interest

APPENDIX C: State Websites for Forms and Statutes



Published by Pearson (January 13th 2016) - Copyright © 2017