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Fear and Friendship: Anglicans Engaging with Islam, 1st edition

Published by Continuum (May 10th 2012) - Copyright © 2012

1st edition

Fear and Friendship: Anglicans Engaging with Islam

ISBN-13: 9781441101495

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Many encounters between people of different religions are marked by an initial sense of incompetence, ignorance and fear-- of getting it wrong, of causing offence, of ulterior motives. Such fears are here explored honestly, in stories of actual situations and relationships - often unexpected, sometimes funny, invariably profound.Friendship is presented as a public rather than merely a private phenomenon, enabling relations of trust and depth to develop and leading to the possibility of authentic talk and reciprocity of respect and courtesy. It emerges as a risky venture in learning how to be human, involving honest negotiation, self-sacrifice and a seeking after the truth. It can enable people to address the fears that so often prohibit inter-religious encounters from deepening beyond the superficial. A strong underlying theme is how the Church of England can contribute to social cohesion in a religiously pluralistic society, even if local clergy and congregations at first feel untrained or wary.

Table of contents

Introduction Sarah Coakley \ Conversation or Conversion? Alex Hughes \ Prayer and Friendship Sr Judith, SLG \ Much Ado about Nothing? Frances Ward \ Islamophobia Nuzhat Ali \ Hospitality and Hosting Ian Wallis \ Strangers and Neighbours: The Springfield Project and Mosque Richard Sudworth with Edmund Newey \ Reading Sacred Texts Catriona Laing \ Offence and Integrity Rachel Mann \ Islam in Britain today Philip Lewis with Abdullah Shahin \ Afterword: Fear, or Friendship? Rowan Williams \ A note on the Handsworth Conference \ List of Contributors

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