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Financial Accounting, 11th edition

  • Walter T. Harrison
  • Charles T. Horngren
  • C William Thomas
  • Wendy M Tietz
Financial Accounting

ISBN-13: 9780134127620

Includes: Hardcover

11th edition

Published byPearson (February 8th 2016) - Copyright © 2017

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  • Hardcover

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For introductory courses in Financial Accounting.


A User-Focused Approach and Solid Foundation in the Construction and Analysis of Financial Statements for Use in Future Careers

Financial Accounting gives readers a solid foundation in the fundamentals of accounting and the basics of Financial Statements, and then builds upon that foundation to offer more advanced/challenging concepts and problems. This scaffolded approach helps readers to better understand the meaning and relevance of financial information, see its relevance within a real-world context, as well as develop the skills needed to analyze financial information in their career.


While maintaining hallmark features of accuracy, readability, ease of understanding, and a wealth of accessible algorithmic problems, the Eleventh Edition includes updated explanations, coverage, and ratio analysis with decision-making guidelines. These latest methodologies and technology ensure that readers learn basic concepts in accounting in a way that is relevant, stimulating, and fun, while exercises and examples from real-world companies help readers gain a better grasp of the material.

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  • 0134160576 / 9780134160573 MyAccountingLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Financial Account


Table of contents

1. The Financial Statements

2. Transaction Analysis

3. Accrual Accounting & Income

4. Internal Control & Cash

5. Short-Term Investments & Receivables

6. Inventory & Cost of Goods Sold

7. Plant Assets, Natural Resources, & Intangibles

8. Long-Term Investments & the Time Value of Money

9. Liabilities

10. Stockholders’ Equity

11. Evaluating Performance: Earnings Quality, the Income Statement, & the Statement of Comprehensive Income

12. The Statement of Cash Flows

13. Financial Statement Analysis

Appendix A. Apple Inc. Annual Report 2014

Appendix B. Under Armour, Inc. Annual Report 2014

Appendix C. Typical Charts of Accounts for Different Types of Businesses

Appendix D. Summary of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

Appendix E. Summary of Differences Between U.S. GAAP and IFRS Cross-Referenced to Chapter

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