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Fire Investigator, 2nd edition

Published by FPP/IFSTA (July 8th 2010) - Copyright © 2011

2nd edition

Fire Investigator

ISBN-13: 9780132374361

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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Fire Investigator 2nd Edition is designed to provide fire investigators with the information, data, and resources necessary to meet the job performance requirements for fire investigators as defined in NFPA® 1033. The 2nd edition features a new, single column format with new, full-color photos and illustrations. In addition, the book has been reorganized to put more of an emphasis on area of origin and cause determination with expanded information about fire pattern analysis. The text describes basic skills investigators should understand.

Table of contents

  1. Organization, Responsibilities, and Authority
  2. Safety
  3. Fire Dynamics: Behavior, Chemistry, and Physics
  4. Explosion dynamics
  5. Basics of Building Construction as It Relates to the Investigato
  6. Building Services
  7. Basic Electricity for the Fire Investigator
  8. Investigative Process
  9. Scene Security
10. Scene Documentation
11. Evidence Collection and Preservation
12. Interviews
13. Scene Examination
14. Area of Origin Determination
15. Debris Examination, Removal, and Reconstruction
16. Ignition Source, Ignition Sequence, and Cause Determination
17. Presentation of Investigative Findings

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