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Fire Service Personnel Management with MyFireKit, 3rd edition

  • Steven T. Edwards

Published by Pearson (August 5th 2009) - Copyright © 2010

3rd edition


Fire Service Personnel Management is written with basic public personnel management concepts and incorporates fire service applications and examples throughout, while serving as both a successful text in the classroom and as an excellent resource for promotional officer candidates. Updated topics include: fire service personnel development, professional qualifications, recruitment, and diversity issues. The book is a top-notch resource for promotional officer candidates and current managers in the fire service.

Table of contents

Chapter 1  Overview of Personnel Management

Chapter 2  Workforce Issues of the Twenty-First Century

Chapter 3  Legal Issues

Chapter 4  Job Analysis and Design

Chapter 5  Fire Service Recruitment

Chapter 6  Selection for Employment and Promotion

Chapter 7  Training and Development

Chapter 8  Performance Appraisal

Chapter 9  Discipline

Chapter 10  Health and Safety

Chapter 11  Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining

Chapter 12  Productivity and Performance

Chapter 13  Fire Service Professional Development

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