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Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose, 2nd edition

  • Rajendra Sisodia
  • Jagdish N. Sheth
  • David Wolfe

Published by Pearson FT Press (February 9th 2014) - Copyright © 2014

2nd edition

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Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose

ISBN-13: 9780133382594

Includes: Hardcover
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“This new edition of Firms of Endearment continues to break important new ground in understanding the power of capitalism to transform our world for the better. In the first edition, the authors… gave us an introductory quantitative analysis, and a set of rich stories that made the analysis make some sense. Now, they take a giant step forward. They give us a ’proof of possibility,’ grounding a new story of business in solid economic analysis and practical management thinking.”

—R. Edward Freeman, University Professor, The Darden School, University of Virginia

Today’s greatest companies are fueled by passion and purpose, not cash. They earn large profits by helping all their stakeholders thrive: customers, investors, employees, partners, communities, and society.

These rare, authentic firms of endearment act in powerfully positive ways that stakeholders recognize, value, admire, and even love. They make the world better by the way they do business—and the world responds.


They have created radically new rules. This extensively updated book will help you master those new rules, learn from their newest experiences, build your great firm of endearment, change the world, and succeed on every level that matters.

  • Build a high-performance business on love (It can be done. We’ll prove it.)
  • Help people find the self-actualization they’re so desperately seeking
  • Join capitalism’s radical social transformation—or fall by the wayside
  • Don’t just talk about creating a happy, productive workplace: do it
  • Honor the unspoken emotional contract you share with your stakeholders
  • Create partner relationships that really are mutually beneficial
  • Build a company that communities welcome enthusiastically
  • Help all your stakeholders win, including your investors

“Business has enormous potential to do good in the world. Much of the good is currently being done ‘unconsciously’ simply by creating products and services that people value, providing jobs, and generating profits. However, business can also be done much more consciously, with higher purpose and optimal value creation for all major stakeholders, while creating cultures that optimize human flourishing... Firms of Endearment points the way that all businesses should aspire to emulate and ultimately transcend. I am grateful to the authors for their landmark contribution...”

—John Mackey, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Whole Foods Market


Contains Dozens of New & Updated Case Studies Chosen through a Rigorous New Selection Process


Doing good is great business. In industry after industry, today’s best companies have discovered this—and they’re leaving their short-sighted competitors in the dust.

Firms of Endearment, Second Edition reveals how these remarkable companies are generating more of every form of value that matters: emotional, experiential, social, and financial. Not because it’s “politically correct,” but because it’s the only path to long-term competitive advantage.

These are companies people love to buy from, work for, and partner wi

Table of contents

Forewords     x
Prologue: A Whole New World     xxi
Chapter 1: Building Business on Love and Care     1
Chapter 2: New Age, New Rules, New Capitalism     27
Chapter 3: Dealing with Disorder     49
Chapter 4: Employees: From Resource to Source     59
Chapter 5: Customers: Healing vs. Hucksterism     87
Chapter 6: Investors: Reaping What FoEs Sow     105
Chapter 7: Partners: Elegant Harmonies     119
Chapter 8: Society: The Ultimate Stakeholder     141
Chapter 9: Culture: The Secret Ingredient     163
Chapter 10: What We Have Learned     191
Chapter 11: The Other Side of Complexity     205
Appendix A: Brief Company Profiles     223
Appendix B: Interview with Rick Frazier     257
Index     267

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