Fit for the Fast Track: The Survivor's Guide to Modern Business Life, 1st edition

  • Michael Mcgannon
  • Juliette Mcgannon

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The authors have great insight into the stresses of modern life. ...This book is a must for ambitious professionals and executives. ...Don't end up at age 45 with a triple heart bypass...READ THIS BOOK !!! .

David Seddon, Senior Partner, PwC


"Michael and Juliette McGannon have developed unrivalled expertise in the field of executive health. Their knowledge, like this invaluable book, is based on getting to know and to really understand the pressures on more than 30,000 senior executives worldwide. No one knows more or how to express it better"

David Bell, Director of People, Pearson Plc


Just 20 minutes a day could save your life...

Modern working life may be taking its toll on the most valuable asset you have ֠your health. For millions of us, the business lifestyle involves a catalogue of risks to the health of body and mind ֠long hours, high stress, insufficient time to exercise or relax, pressure towards bad eating and drinking habits, and extended travel away from home.

Fit for the Fast Track provides you with both the mental and physical techniques you need to ensure that you can survive and thrive in modern business life. It shows that by focusing on yourself for just 20 minutes a day, you can live better, feel better and perform better ֠and look forward to a brighter, fitter future.

Published by FT Press (September 27th 2001) - Copyright © 2001